Goats are simply a better way to get a tough job done

See the benefits

  • No Herbicides

    No Herbicides

    95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target, ending up in waterways and food.

  • Reduce Forest Fires

    Reduce Forest Fires

    Goat’s work across the country consuming brush to reduce fire burden, saving lives in the process.

  • Eco-Friendly


    Goats don’t pollute and they naturally fertilize as they work.

  • Safety


    Our goats are given full health care and are registered with the Department of Agriculture.

  • Natural Immunity

    Natural Immunity

    Goats are immune to thorns & poison ivy, and they love eating them!

  • Cost


    Renting goats can save you up to 50% compared to hiring men and machinery to clear your land.

How it works

Simply contact us for an estimate for the land you want cleared. If we can’t help, we’ll help find someone else who can.

Call us or schedule online

We’re always available to help our customers, providing the best customer support in the industry.

Big or small jobs

With thousands of goats we can clear land from a few acres to hundreds of acres.

It just works

When it comes to eating unwanted plants and invasive weeds goats don’t kid around.

Enjoy the benefits

Have your land cleared quickly and effectively, without the guilt of carbon emissions.

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What people are saying about renting goats

"It's really been a win-win for us. It's cost effective, it's environmentally friendly. And it's fun..."
Deputy Chief Tim Smith
Deputy Chief Tim Smith
Heartland Fire and Rescue
"They have saved us thousands of dollars...not only can animals can do something besides look cute and fuzzy, they can also serve a purpose in our society, helping us keep our environment clean."
Mary Sessom
Mary Sessom
Mayor of Lemon Grove, California
“To have people do what these goats do, to clear the amount they would do, would be financially impossible."
Ray Lardie
Ray Lardie
Laguna Beach Chief of Fire Prevention
“Rent a goat from RentAGoat.com! You bring them in, in little herds, you know...I love it!”
Regis Philbin
- Live with Regis and Kelly

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