Open Letter

An open letter from one of our Green affiliates in Virginia. Please support your local farms!

To: RentAGoat

“We lived in Greensboro for 23 years but relocated to our family farm here in 2008. The drought there in 2007 got us out free ranging our goats on invasives as a necessity. We have been much more serious about it as a business in the last 2 years. Our meat side has really taken off now after much work and R&D.


Sourcing quality stock continues to be difficult. It is amazing that finding truly healthy goats would be difficult but they have been badly mismanaged, both in the show side and the neglected skinny goat side.


One of our main long range goals is to develop the true “production” animal similar to the Angus beef cattle. This takes a lot of time and careful evaluation of identifying animals that thrive in the invasive plant program and also do well on good quality hay in the winter. Throwing money at it won’t do it either so we are breeding and buying our way along l as we seek to multiply the total package animals and eat those who are not up to that standard.


We applaud what you wish to do internationally. Quality goats are a vital both socially and economically in many cultures of the world. In east Indonesia in 2005, families with goats did not lose children under 5 to famine like most others did. When I think of the value of goats that is what I always come back too. In a sustainable nutrition and economic model it is outstanding for small families and villages. Here we are tops when you consider the environment and costs inputs of all other meats compared to our Boer Bok. And no flavor penalty……. enough said.


Come see us some time if you are this way and we will do likewise. We do know of producers in NC who could be a good source of stock for you or as affiliates.


Best of luck to you Matt and thanks again for your balanced approach to the work. You are an asset to us all.




Clay R. Trainum

Autumn Olive Farms LLC

1100 Rockfish Road

Waynesboro, VA 22980

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