Benefits of Owning a Goat

Goats? What’s not to love about this pesky mamnals? They’re friendly, they make cute baying sounds and they give out milk that is extremely nutritious and great for cheesemaking. But that is not where benefits of owning goats end. See, even though they tended to be associated to less than charitable comparisons, goats are rather useful. Check out the the list below and see how it compares to cattle you own!



The Benefits

  • Fertilization. Goat manure is great for your land. Unlike manure from carnivores, such as cats and dogs, has a negative impact on the soil, goat manure helps your plants get nutrients that would otherwise be hard to obtain.
  • Weed removal. Goats just love chewing on plants, and they happen to like weeds. Thistle, poison ivy, kudzu, thorns, they’ll eat it all – and suffer no ill effects!
  • Health. Goats will remove all the weeds without any gasoline or dangerous carcinogenic chemicals that may end up in the ground.
  • Reduction of forest fires. As goats enjoy munching on shrubs, they reduce this essential forest fire fuel.
  • Wool. Depending on the species, certain goats give great wool out of which quality clotting items can be knit.



And How About the Milk?

These fiesty animals are a true joy to have. And that’s not even getting into all the benefits of the goat milk. Unlike cow’s milk, it is less of an allergenic, it is naturally homogenized, it is easier to digest, it rarely causes lactose intolerance and it simply clicks better with human body. The taste may get some getting used to, but starting out with goat cheese (having pretty much the same benefits listed above) will probably do the trick.

So there you have it, all the benefits of having goats. In the end, goats are cute (though, tastes are not to be discussed) and their baying is rather pleasant to the human ear. So why not get your own, or even rent it? See it for yourself. If you can't afford one, relax: maybe your neighbors can help you out, and if everything else fails, there are some online pokies to help you out.